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"When our beloved Penelope died, Whitney honored her with a

gorgeous water color that brings her memory back to life for me daily. Whitney's portrait of her still brings me happiness,

8 years later."- Mary Lee




"Oh, my gosh, those pics of the Minewski are great!  These mean so much -

Oh, and we just love the painting you did of Jenny - getting it framed is on our to do list! " - Marianne

"Thanks so much! The camel painting is fabulous! XX"   -Elizabeth
"Whitney!! These paintings are so beautiful. Your artistic talent is amazing. I saw the baby picture with the father's hand on FB which was also beautiful. Emily will just love these. I can never thank you enough." 
 - Laurie
"This email is to thank you for your thoughtful gesture to have painted Rocky. I really loved it. I showed it to my husband and he really liked it. He said you were talented and captured Rocky's look (his eyes) very well. He was impressed and wants me to thank you on his behalf as well. Rocky was very special to both of us; so, we are going to frame and cherish this painting." - Patricia
"The painting is amazing. Thanks so much for doing this painting of our kids. I plan to give it to her for Valentine's Day. Thanks again for the wonderful painting." - Brad
"Oh Whitney!! I'm completely at a loss for words. I opened your priceless painting of our baby and tears came flooding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I am so in love this sweet piece you painted."  - Wendi
"I don't know what to say about that camel. He is so special in so many ways; he's beautiful, you are so talented, and it's something you did with your own loving hands."- Gina
"Thank you for your incredible patience and gracious teaching at today's Paint Party. The kids absolutely loved !!!"  -Amanda
"Omg! The kids had so much fun! You are a super star at this house!
Thank you so much! I see a Paint Party in our future!! :)"- Lindsay
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